From The Desk of CEO

NiftySphere Institute of Arts and Design is an emerging high-quality learning institute in Islamabad. Engaged communication between staff and students, collaborative problem-solving, and focusing on what is best for our students are our main principles. We believe in an intensive, multi-disciplinary, and participatory approach to learning and teaching.

NiftySphere- Institute of Arts and Design aims to cultivate talent by closely nurturing them throughout the program. Our approach in terms of our teaching programs, academic structure, and core values is unique. We teach our students to explore all possibilities and create their own opportunities.

Our experienced and highly knowledgeable faculty encourages students to follow only best practices, along with creative solutions to prepare them for a future with infinite possibilities. Our purpose is to make the ordinary extraordinary.

I want to invite students and parents to explore our website, social media, and the campus to get a clearer picture of our core values and the practices we implement to achieve them. You will be amazed by our distinctive offerings and the lengths we go to instill a love of learning and exploration in all our students.

Let’s learn, grow and excel together!

Usman Shah,