3 Months

Introduction to Calligraphy

• Introduction and Types of Calligraphy
• Techniques using qalam and brushes
• Letter formations

Kufic Calligraphy

• Research on Kufic Calligraphers
• Letter foramtion using qalam
• Line formation using qalam
• Calligraphy using paint brushes
• Transferring Nastalik into Kufic script

Thuluth Calligraphy

•  Research on Calligraphers
• Difference between Thuluth and Kufic script
• Line Formation using qalam and flat brush
• Letter Formation using qalam and flat brush
• Working on project sheets
• Transferring Nastalik into thuluth script

Naskh Calligraphy

• Research on Naskh Calligraphers
• Letter and Line formation through flat brush and qalam
• Naskh Calligraphy Painting on project Sheet
• Canvas Painting projects using all three types of scripts

Final Projects
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