6 Months Short Course

This course is aimed at developing students existing abilities and interest in painting. This course covers the basic concepts of the visual arts, including the elements of design and composition. Emphasis is on acquiring skills and techniques necessary in various media to develop student’s own unique style. A survey of art history and the development of an aesthetic awareness is also included. Uniquely we provide advanced painting classes and lessons for professionals as well as beginners to raise your art to the level of museum quality.

– Line fundamentals
– Shape and form fundamental
– How to use value and contrast
– Space and perspective
– Still life drawing
– Creating texture
– Drawing the human face
– Drawing the human figure
– Colour Theory
– Colour Contrast & Attributes

– Composition
– Media Characteristics & Surfaces
– Painting Techniques
– Acrylic Painting
– Oil Mediums – Water Colours
– Chalks and Pastels
– Painting History
– Murals – Portraits

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